Africa:Top print inspired looks for Men


In recent years, men’s fashion has been gaining popularity. It comes as no surprise that African prints are trending on menswear runways across the continent.

We made a list of some of our favourite looks.

These are materials or traditional clothing, often in vibrant colours and patterns, worn traditionally by people who live Africa.

In many instances, traditional garments have been replaced by western clothing, but now traditional prints are spilling into the western fashion industry.


In countries like Liberia, where up until 2003- when a peace deal ended 14 years of devastating civil war- tens of thousands of Liberians were living as refugees in Ivory Coast, Ghana and Guinea.

Since then, most of them have returned to their home towns, bringing with them fashion influences that have translated into a vibrant homegrown industries.

Check out these designs and styles for some ideas on how to incorporate African prints into your next stylish outfit.


By Barbara Maregele

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