Burkina Faso: Tributes paid to film director Ouedraogo

Burkina Faso’s president has paid tribute to Burkinabe film director Idrissa Ouedraogo who died from a stroke at the age of 64.

Roch Marc Christian Kabore is quoted in the cinema magazine Variety as saying his country “has lost a filmmaker of immense talent,” noting that the director “truly contributed to turning the spotlight on Burkinabe and African cinema beyond our borders”.

Mr Ouedraogo was one of a group of film-makers who helped put the country at the centre of African cinema.

He is best known for the 1989 film Yaaba, which means Grandmother, and Tilai which was released the following year.

They both won awards at the Cannes film festival.

Mr Ouedraogo spent much of the 1980s learning the art of film-making in Kiev and Paris and then returned home to make what are now considered classic pieces of cinema, often set in remote villages, examining the struggle between tradition and change.

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