DR Congo : US sanctions General Muhindo Akili Mundos

The United States has issued sanctions against a general for being a key contributor to the conflict in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

General Muhindo Akili Mundos, an ally of President Joseph Kabila, was among three men sanctioned by the US.

He spent two years in charge of the Congolese army’s operations against a Ugandan rebel group, the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

The United Nations (UN) found during that period General Mundos was involved in the killing of at least 400 civilians.

The US has also placed three rebel commanders on the sanctions list for recruiting child soldiers and committing human rights abuses.

The UN and France have taken similar action against the three men.

DR Congo militia leader hands himself in

Violence in the Kasai region has left 1.4 million people displaced

A militia leader accused of contributing to the violence in Dr Congo’s southwestern Kasai region has handed himself in to the authorities, news agency AFP reports.

Kalamba Dilondo allegedly came to officials “on his own accord”, according to Jacopo Pembe Longo, administrator of Mweka territory in Kasai.

“He was received by the governor of the province, who handed him over to the regional sector commander” of the Congolese army, he added.

Violence broke out in the Kasai region in September 2016, a month after the army killed a local chief, Kamwina Nsapu, who was opposed to the government.

On 30 January, men loyal to Nsapu joined Mr Kalamba’s troops in an operation.

Nsapu’s forces are believed to have killed nine people in the attack, and burned down a local hospital and some homes.

Mr Kalamba’s group is accused of operating in the region since last November.

Violence in the area has resulted in the deaths of more than 3,000 people, while 1.4 million others have been displaced.

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