Kenya:Coffee sales rises to 35,627 me tonnes

Coffee sales at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange in 10 months through October rose by a fifth to 35,627 metric tonnes from 29,667 tonnes in the same period in 2015, provisional data shows.

The data, collated by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, shows that the average value of coffee per kilo in the review period rose by 14.43 per cent to Sh385.76 from Sh337.10 in 2015.

The rise in average per kilo price for coffee for the 10 months saw the cash crop exceed average prices recorded in 2014 which stood at Sh383.18.

Over the period, coffee exports hit 38,490 tonnes, an increase of 200 tonnes compared to 38,290 tonnes recorded in 2015.

The exports remained stagnant fetching Sh18.44 billion in 2016 from Sh18.25 billion for the same period in 2015.

Tea, the country’s leading foreign exchange earner, on the other hand, recorded a significant rise in production amounting to 23.62 per cent during the ten months, to 386,226 tonnes in 2016 from 312,442 tonnes in 2015.

The data collated by the KNBS showed a kilo of tea was priced at an average Sh240.33 over the 10-month period, declining by 17.48 per cent or Sh49.90 compared to the Sh291.23 per kilo a year ago.

This is, however, an increase in comparison to the same period 2014 when the average price per kilo for tea was Sh190.29.

For the 10-month period, tea exports amounted to 399,430 tonnes, a 17.12 per cent increase from 341,040 tonnes for the same period in 2015.

The cumulative earnings from the leading cash crop also recorded a 5.6 per cent increase during the 10 months to Sh102.57 billion from Sh97.13 billion in 2015.

Tea farmers were expected to earn a Sh66.99 billion bonus in 2016, the highest bonus r in the past five years.

This was due to a boost in total revenue for smallholder tea farmers in the financial year 2015-16 financial year which closed at Sh83.97 billion a 32.2 per cent increase from Sh63.53 billion in the previous year.

By CYNTHIA ILAKO @ladykanyali

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