Mali:Gunmen storm tourist resort and take hostages

Mali:Gunmen storm tourist resort and take hostages

Four gunmen have been killed after they attacked a tourist resort in Mali frequented by Westerners, the country’s security minister says.

“We have recovered the bodies of two attackers who were killed”, Salif Traore said on Sunday, adding that police were “searching for the bodies of two others.”

“Malian Special Forces intervened and hostages have been released,” he added. “Unfortunately for the moment there are two dead, including a Franco-Gabonese,” he noted.

Traore made the announcement after a firefight broke out between government troops and gunmen, who entered luxury resort Le Campement Kangaba, east of the capital Bamako.

“One of the terrorists was able to escape, after being injured,” he noted.

The security ministry added that two people had been injured in the skirmish, while 36 guests and hotel staff were rescued.

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