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The collection ‘Fure’ made its debut last month with a chic fashion shoot of Tokatoka’s latest works. The fashion label is a partnership between three friends, Ajoke Adegbite, Onyinyechi Egunjobi and Ometere Jagun aged between 30 and 33.

From starting out as a fun project for the trio, Tokatoka has evolved into an edgy, ready-to-wear clothing line.

The name ‘Fure’ comes from the Hausa word for Blossom or flower. A perfect fit for the vibrant collection.

Most of the pieces incorporate modern silhouettes and trending styles.

The trio started the company in 2011 as a hobby.

“We got back to it around July 2016 and we launched our first collection; The Fure collection in November 2016. Our creative director, Ajoke Adegbite is inspired by lines and shapes and you can see that infusion in our designs, every piece is well thought out and delicately executed,” they say.

“We believe that Nigerian fashion can be a big export to the world and that inspires us to maintain a quality that is export worthy. The African fashion industry is evolving, it is an emerging and fast growing industry,” they say.

“There are different aspects to fashion, so it’s important to know where you belong. Never give up on your dreams, it is not always as easy as it looks,” they say.

Here’s a sneak peak into Tokatoka’s new collection Fure:

Instagram – @Tokatoka_lagos

Twitter – @Tokatoka_lagos

By Barbara Maregele

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