President Obama to address USA in farewell speech


US President Barack Obama is set to bid farewell to the nation during a speech to mark the end of his presidency after two terms in office.

The president and the first lady, Michele Obama, arrived Tuesday in Chicago, “where it all started,” to deliver the speech rather the Oval Office of the White House, where farewell speeches are traditionally made.

“I’ll be thinking back to being a community organizer, pretty much fresh out of school,” he was heard, saying a in a video released by the White House on Sunday.

“The two things I take away from this office are, number one, that change can happen, that the system will respond to ordinary people coming together to try to move the country in a better direction and the second thing I’ll take away from this office is the fundamental goodness of the American people,” he added.

Meanwhile, Republican President-elect Donald Trump was preparing to assume office on January 20th.

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