RD Congo:Militia attacks U.N. base, two killed

Militia fighters in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Friday attacked a United Nations peacekeeping base, triggering clashes that killed at least two of the fighters and wounded two peacekeepers, the U.N. mission said.

“Very early this morning, about 30 Mai-Mai attacked,” Reuters quotes mission spokeswoman Florence Marchal to say.

It was not immediately clear which Mai-Mai group attacked the camp, nor was their objective.

In the past week alone, 34 rebel fighters have been killed in clashes with the Congolese army.

An increase in the violence has been attributed to an army crackdown on the militia’s harassment of local residents.

Chaos erupted in the DR Congo late last year following President Joseph Kabila’s failure to step down at the end of his mandate.

The country’s electoral authority said it was unable to conduct a presidential vote, citing logistical challenges. This meant Kabila stayed on as head of state.

Talks were held with opposition groups after the eruption of chaos, with an agreement reached to have an election held before the end of 2018.

The conflict has killed hundreds, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee their homes.

The U.N. mission in Congo (MONUSCO) is the world’s largest with some 18,000 uniformed personnel and a more than US$1 billion annual budget.

By Jerry Owilli

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