Russia and China will veto US petition at UNSC against Iran-Analyst

The United Nations flag is seen is seen during the Climate Action Summit 2019 at the United Nations General Assembly Hall September 23, 2019 in New York City. (AFP photo)

Russia and China will veto the US petition at the United Nations Security Council calling for “the re-imposition of full sanctions plus more sanctions on all military sales to Tehran,” according to an American writer and political commentator.

“The United States has just called for the re-imposition of full sanctions plus more sanctions on all military sales to Tehran,” said E Michael Jones, the current editor of Culture Wars magazine.

“They’re going to put this petition for the United Nations Security Council. It will not pass because Russia and China have opposed it. And they have veto power over anything that’s going to happen here,” he added.

China and Russia have rejected US plans to extend a UN arms embargo on Iran along with a probable push to trigger a return of all sanctions on Tehran at the UN Security Council.

“It has no right to extend an arms embargo on Iran, let alone to trigger snapback,” China’s UN mission wrote in a tweet on Thursday.

“Maintaining [the] Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is the only right way moving forward,” it added.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov also vehemently rejected the plan as a “cynical” measure plunging the UNSC into “crisis”.

“The conclusion is that the next crisis in the UN Security Council and the UN as a whole is imminent, taking into account this US stubbornness,” he said. “Washington will not have an easy road here in any case.”

Russia, China slam US plan to extend UN arms embargo on Iran

Russian and China reject US plans to extend a UN arms embargo and trigger UN sanctions on Iran.

Jones said, “Over the last month, Washington has stepped up calls for the extension of a UN arms embargo on Iran that will expire in October under UNSC resolution 2231, which endorsed the landmark Iran nuclear deal in 2015.”

“The Trump administration has threatened that it may seek to trigger a snapback of all sanctions on Iran if its attempts to extend the arms embargo fail,” he added.

“Once again we see that the tragic outcome of America’s foreign policy under Pompeo and Trump, and the Israel lobby,” he said.

“These people have united the Eurasian landmass in direct contradiction to what has been the long term strategy of the Anglo American Empire, as articulated by Halford Mackinder at the beginning of the 20th century,” he stated.

“In addition to that, the action is doubly futile because Russia and China have the technology that Tehran needs in order to update its military. I’m talking specifically about Russian missiles here, which are the most advanced in the world and have made the United States aircraft carrier fleet obsolete,” he noted.

“So, this is a completely futile exercise. It won’t pass in the United Nations and it is doomed to failure even if the United States tries to circumvent the United Nation,” he concluded.

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