South Africa:President lauds Muslims for aiding economy

South Africa’s new President Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday praised Muslims for their contribution to the country’s economy.

”I was told, despite the Muslim population just being 1.6 percent, that they contributed 10 percent to the economy of [55 million people],” he said during an iftar dinner in Cape Town.

Ramaphosa made evening prayers together with the leaders of the Muslim Judicial Council, who had invited him.

He also praised Muslims for participating in every sector related to the economy, including government, the judiciary and businesses.

Ramaphosa said South African Muslims are also doing a good job in volunteering to help the less fortunate.

He condemned terrorism and said South Africa will not be a resting place for terrorists.

He also said Islam will never again be banned in South Africa like it was hundreds of years ago.

Ramaphosa replaced Jacob Zuma as president on Feb. 15 this year after Zuma was forced to stand down following pressure from the ruling ANC party.

Zuma’s term in office was marred by corruption and factionalism.

Ramaphosa, 66, has promised a ‘new dawn’ in his government. Several corrupt officials have already been fired and a commission of inquiry has been set up.

By Hassan Isilow

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