Sudan:Promises more efforts to normalize ties with US as travel ban lifted

The Sudanese government has vowed to do more to normalize ties with the United States after Washington removed the country from its travel ban list and amid reports that decades-old US sanctions on Khartoum could be lifted.

“The government of Sudan will carry out more efforts to remove all obstacles to a full normalization of relations with the American administration,” said the Sudanese Foreign Ministry in a statement on Monday, hailing a decision by Washington to drop Sudan from the list of countries facing a US travel ban as a “a positive development in the two countries’ bilateral relations.”

The ministry said US President Donald Trump’s move to delist Sudan from the controversial travel ban was the result of a “clear and long dialogue” and growing cooperation between the two countries in regional and international issues.

It vowed that officials would do their best to prevent Sudanese people who may cause problems from traveling to the US.

“Sudanese authorities are professional and qualified enough to monitor who is travelling through Sudanese airports,” said the statement.

The original travel ban, which came right after Trump assumed office in January, targeted six Muslim-majority countries, including Sudan.

The ban had faced growing opposition from rights campaigners and governments while courts in the US had also ordered its partial annulment. The new list targets North Korea, Chad, Venezuela, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

Trump’s removal of Sudan from the list and his potential decision to permanently lift US sanctions imposed on the African country in 1997 comes after Khartoum clearly adopted a shift in its foreign policy.

Khartoum has sided with Saudi Arabia, a close ally of the US, in regional conflicts, a policy which seems to have appeased Washington.

Meanwhile, US officials have recently hailed Sudan’s progress in the fight against terror.

The poor African country has been affected by years of insurgency as armed groups continue to pose threats to government forces and civilians.

By Africafrique and agencies

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