Sudan:UN expects lift of U.S. economic sanctions

Image caption Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir is wanted for alleged war crimes by the International Criminal Court

The United Nations said it was looking forward to a positive decision of lifting the U.S. economic sanctions on Sudan on Monday, adding that the move would enhance the humanitarian work there.

“The United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Sudan acknowledges that there has been a marked improvement in humanitarian access over the past six months, since Executive Order 13761 was signed on 13 January 2017, as a result of improved engagement between the Government of Sudan and humanitarian actors,” said the UNCT in a statement.

“The UNCT looks forward to the decision that will shortly be taken on the sanctions, and is committed to continue its engagement in order to further improve humanitarian access,” the statement said.

It further reiterated improvement of engagement between humanitarian actors and the government of Sudan, saying that the UNCT has also observed increased acceptance for national NGOs working in the field, as well as increased engagement of civil society and the private sector on humanitarian issues.

The U.S. administration is expected to issue a decision on Wednesday, July 12, on either fully lift the sanctions, keep them or extend the date for lifting them.

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