Uganda:21-year-old builds wheel loader from bits of plastic

A young self-taught Ugandan mechanic has overcome high odds and built a miniature imitation of a wheel loader, from bits and pieces of plastic.

Julius Mugabi hopes the battery-powered tractor will help inspire development of heavy duty trucks, powered by renewable energy

It took him two years to complete his latest assembly, which he says is powered by rechargeable batteries.

Mugabi has also built an imitation of a helicopter and trailer. He hopes to come up with more practical innovations.

Mugabi works as a casual labourer at a construction site to make ends meet and to support his love of mechanics, which he hopes, can turn into a career with proper training.

He has a keen interest in farming machinery, especially making it more accessible to poor rural communities.

Mugabi has displayed his work at some local exhibitions but says he is yet to find developers, who are willing to invest in his work.

He is now scheduled to travel around Rwanda for three months, sharing his ideas with students, about making alternative moving parts for vehicles.

By Marie Claire

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