UK: Jonathan Diba Musangu a Victim of Church infighting or a rape Criminal?

Former Rochdale AFC goalkeeper Jonathan Diba-Musangu has been jailed for 24 years for sex attacks on six different victim, the Crown Prosecution Service reported.

Diba-Musangu, a young promissing footballer who is aged 23, was convicted for rape in Manchester –

Northwest of England for crimes committed when he was 13 years of age for some of the crimes.

Most of the victims were said to be around same age group or under.

“It’s taken immense bravery for these victims to come forward and cooperate with us as we pieced together his gruesome acts,” said Det Insp Julie Maxwell.

The beloved son of Rochdale Town in Greater Manchester as referred to by residents interviewed, argue, 24 years is too much said Jane Murphy ” I dont Know if the Court Considered that they where all children she asked.

Definition of Rape in England


The legal age of sexual consent for heterosexuals in the UK is 16. Consent means agreeing to something, in this case to having sexual intercourse.

Statutory Rape

Statutory rape is when one or both of the parties engaging in sexual activity are below the age of consent. Statutes are laws.

This law means that a 14-year-old girl cannot legally consent to have sex with her 16-year-old boyfriend. This act would be considered unlawful.

The case of Jonathan is a matter of concern to his community in Rochdale and his local church.

Church Infighting

The Church , where it all started , a group of worshippers had disagreements with Pastor Andre Diba Musangu, Jonathan ‘s dad.

Members of the public in his community of Rochdale point at the infightings in the Church his father ,Pastor Andre Diba is Pastoring ,as the source of conundrums.

Members of the community who spock to Africafrique Magazine anonimously in Rochdale ask questions such as , Why most of the girls who came forward and claimed to be abused are children of Parents who were fighting the Pastor and later left the church ?

Why Waiting for the Time he signed his Professional contract with Mossley FC to come out with accusations?

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said Diba-Musangu, of Fernhurst Street in Chadderton, met most of his victims through a church in Rochdale.

GMP said he was arrested in October 2018, shortly after signing as a semi-professional goalkeeper with Mossley FC.

Diba-Musangu denied the allegations and said those accusing him were attempting to ruin his life.

Whichever way the Diba’s case goes, it has left and will leave many questions unanswered for a long time to come on all sides.

By Africafrique Reporter in UK.

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