UK:Labour takes 10-point lead over May’s party in Wales

Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn shakes hands with supporters during a general election campaign event in northern England, May 22, 2017.

The British Labour Party has overtaken the ruling Conservative Party in Wales, opening a significant 10-point lead less than 20 days before the June 8 general election, a new poll shows.

The YouGov survey released on Monday showed a massive 16-point shift towards the Welsh Labour, putting it ahead of Tories 44 percent to 34 percent.

This amounts to a major comeback for the party, which was in a disadvantaged position until two weeks ago. According to the same poll, Labour managed to increase its support by 9 percent while Tories lost 7 percent in the same period.

The rise in support is linked to the new Labour manifesto, which was unveiled by party leader Jeremy Corbyn on May 16.

Called “For The Many Not The Few,” the document provides a blueprint on how a possible Labour government led by Corbyn would tackle various issues domestically and abroad.

Nationalizing the railways, energy grid and water companies, as well as introducing rent controls and taxes on the richest 5 percent of UK earners were some of the popular policies mentioned in the manifesto.

On foreign policy, the manifesto turned many heads by pledging to stop the UK’s airstrikes in Iraq and Syria. Recognizing the state of Palestine was another key point underscored by the party.

The Tories on the other hand, experienced a fallout over the so-called “dementia tax” on care costs of older people introduced in their manifesto. Prime Minister Theresa May was forced to water down the pledge after widespread protests.

Corbyn’s party hopes the shift in Welsh support would soon be spread over the UK.

Although his party is still trailing May’s by around 10-points in overall polls, he has been able to narrow the gap which was nearly twice as big in mid-April.

On April 18, May called for snap general elections in a surprise move, saying that she wanted to bolster her position before going into two years of negotiations with the European Union about the terms of Britain’s departure from the bloc.

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