Zimbabwe:Killer Hubby Found Dead, Hangs Self In Game Park

The man who was recently deported from the United States to Zimbabwe, and got there to brutally murder his wife by decapitating her head has been found dead, media can reveal.

Mr Murimba was found dead in Mutare in a game park where he hanged himself.

Family members had yesterday told ZimEye that, “Mr Murimba is still at large an was never caught in Mozambique. We as a family we think he himself or his friend could have phoned (ZimEye) and said Mr Murimba has been caught so as to side track people and stop looking while he gets time to travel.”

The community was left in jitters after Murimba decapitated his wife for an unknown reason, and ran from the police.

The development comes after the man had been deported from the US. A family member tells ZimEye.com this morning (video programme loading) that the police had already confirmed the incident.

Mrs Murimba was described as an avid congregant at St Peter’s United Methodist Church in Mutare. Her husband decapitated her head like a butchered chicken.

By Africafrique and agencies

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